So, let's go back to your last meeting. 

What was it like? How long was it? Did you catch and carry out all the action points? What about accountability? 

Most of us spend a ton of time in our meetings either taking notes, participating or daydreaming. Become a good listener with Dubber Notes. 

Dubber Notes will help you:

  • Capture your meetings and conversations, be it online, in person or via the telephone. 

  • Transcribe and summarise your meeting into an executive summary in minutes not hours 

  • Review and assign decisions, follow-up tasks and action items, and 

  • Share and collaborate with other team members, clients or anyone else! 

During your meeting, you can trigger automatic notes in Dubber Notes, type manual notes or let Dubber Notes take notes for you!

When you're done, Notes will automatically send your audio off to be transcribed and analysed. You'll get an email when it's done, asking you to quickly review your notes, any notes Notes might have taken and provide you with a summary of these key points! 

All you need to do then is share your meeting data with your team, clients or partners to ensure everyone is informed and optimised to act on the meeting tasks!

With Notes, you not only save hours of time spent reviewing a meeting, you'll be better positioned to drive better business outcomes from your conversations.

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