So, let's go back to your last meeting. 

What was it like? How long was it? Did you catch and carry out all the action points? What about accountability? 

Most of us spend a ton of time in our meetings either taking notes, participating or daydreaming. 

The issue is, if you're taking notes, you can't be actively participating. 

If you're participating, it's really difficult to take notes. 

If you're daydreaming, well, you've just had a long night. 

Sure, you could hire someone, like a personal assistant to take notes, but why interview when Notiv can that do for you! 

Notiv can even go places a human assistant can't, with our mobile app! 

Now let's think of a long meeting. If you're going to get it transcribed, that's pages and pages that you'll, realistically, never read. Let's be honest here. 

That's why, Notiv will help you summarize your meetings. You can identify key points or action notes in time with the conversation! Take down meeting minutes effortlessly and share them with your team! 

Notiv is your single source of truth. 

Isn't that smart?

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