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When can I use Notes?
When can I use Notes?

Dubber Notes will capture, transcribe and help summarize your conversations.

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Ethnographic research has shown that across jobs, industries, tones, languages and even colloquialism, any conversation can be broken up into 3-5 minute sections. This means that in every conversation, you change topic every 3-5 minutes, on average. 

That's a lot of things to cover. 

Notes will automatically identify those sections for you, like this:

It'll even go a step further, and help you note down general notes, key points, what decisions were made and actions that need to be delivered. 

That way, it's not just your meetings, but personal debriefs, conversations and even talks that you can get Notes in on! 

Once you're done, you can then take those meeting minutes, action points or transcript and share it with your team, colleagues or overlords. 

The possibilities are truly endless. 

Now, that's a smart solution. 

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