Online meetings

Add Notiv to Multiple Meetings

You can get Notiv in your online meeting in 3 steps! The benefit of this method is that you can add Notiv to multiple meetings, weeks in advance. 

Step 1: Ensure that your calendar event has a video conferencing link in the location or description. 

Step 2: Log-into your Notiv account and toggle Notiv on for your preferred upcoming meetings, if you don't have auto-join enabled. If you're on the Notiv mobile app, you can also do this from the convenience of your phone! 

Step 3: Once the meeting starts, you can click on the live meeting in your meeting tab and start taking notes against the conversation 

Once you're done, Notiv will leave the conference, like any other participant and automatically start processing your meeting. When it's done, we'll send you an email with the top highlights and a link to the full meeting! 

Add Notiv to Specific Meetings 

You can now add Notiv to a specific meeting directly from your calendar!

Simply add [email protected] to your attendee list for a specific meeting and Notiv will join it, as long as there's a valid conferencing link attached to the event. 

Click here for a list of our supported video conferencing tools!

In-Person Meetings

If you have an in-person meeting, you can capture that conversation via the Notiv mobile app

Did you know:

If you've already got a recording of your meeting, you can import it into Notiv to get it transcribed and analysed. 

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