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Recording meetings with Notes
Recording meetings with Notes

In what way can I use Notes to record my meetings either remotely or in-person?

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Recording Online Meetings

To record your online Meetings, Dubber Notes will attend your meeting as well. Depending on the conferencing platform "Dubber Notes for YourName" will join as an attendee or Notes may need to dial-in. To let Dubber Notes know when your meetings start and where they are hosted you need to "invite" Notes to the meeting. You do this by either.

  1. Inviting Notes by connecting your Calendar and selecting meetings to record

  2. Inviting Notes to one specific meeting at a time

Method 1 - Inviting Notes by connecting your Calendar

By connecting your calendar, Notes will know your schedule and you then choose which meetings you want recorded. Just set and forget. You can even do this weeks in advance.

Step 1: Ensure your calendar events have video conferencing information in the location or description fields. This way Notes knows where and when your meetings are happening.

Step 2: Login to your Notes account and connect your Google or Office 365 calendar. Notes will import your upcoming meetings and automatically updates when your Google or Office calendar changes.

Step 3: Tell Notes which of your preferred upcoming meetings you want recorded and transcribed. If you're on the Notes mobile app, you can also do this from the convenience of your phone! NOTE: You can also turn on auto-join and Notes will join all meetings it finds with conferencing information.

Step 4: When your meeting starts, you can click on the live meeting in your meeting tab and start taking notes against the conversation.

Once you're done, Notes will leave the conference, like any other participant and automatically start processing your meeting. When it's done, we'll send you an email with the top highlights and a link to the full meeting! 

Method 2 - Inviting Notes one meeting at a time

If you don't use a Google or Office 365 calendar or your IT department prevents you from connecting your calendar, you can still invite Notes directly to a specific meeting in your calendar.

Simply add [email protected] to your attendee list for a specific meeting and that meeting will show up inside Notes. When the start time comes around, Notes will join the meeting as long as there's a conference information included in the calendar event.

Click here for a list of our supported video conferencing tools!

In-Person Meetings

When you are meeting in-person, regardless whether it's scheduled on your calendar or not, you can also record meetings from the Notes website or Notes Mobile app. This uses the microphone in your computer or phone to capture what is being said. You could also use this to record the audio of an online video call if you really wanted to.

Start a new "Unscheduled" Recording, right from your Browser

Start a new "Unscheduled" Recording, right from your Browser

Start recording a "Scheduled Meeting", right from your Browser

Did you know:
You can import a meeting recording you already have into Notes to get it transcribed and analyzed. Even Video files!

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