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Do I need to tell people I'm recording?
Do I need to tell people I'm recording?
Privacy and security concerns with recording your meetings
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Meetings can happen in-person, online or on-the-go and using Notiv can help you ensure you never miss an insight or important point. However, there may be situations where you will need to get consent from participants to record the meeting or conversation!

Here are some simple ways to help you get consent before taking a call with Notiv.

  1. The quick way: Start your calls or meetings with, "Thanks to everybody for being here, I am taking this meeting with Notiv! Is everyone ready to start?"

  2. The intent way: Let your participants know that you're recording this call for note-taking or follow-up purposes. "I am recording this call to ensure that I don't miss an insight or action point."

  3. The pre-emptive way: If you've added Notiv to a calendar meeting, it's a good idea to let people know that the meeting may be recorded before they accept the invite. (i.e. This meeting will be recorded for record-keeping and follow-up purposes) 

We've found that consent is often easier to obtain than most people think. All they really want to know is that their data won't be misused! 

Once you've got Notiv in your meetings, you're in a much better position to help your team, client or future self! Now that's progress.  

This article contains general information. The information is not legal advice, and should not be treated as such.

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