There are 3 types of notes you can take in Notiv. You can play the audio and listen to the context around these notes at any time and from any note!


When in a meeting page, you can hover over the green plus button for a quick view of the types of moments you can take.

The 3 types of moments are:

  • Action items or a checklist item.
  • Important points or smart moments that Notiv will also suggest to you.
  • Quick pins, which are breadcrumbs you can leave yourself during a conversation. You can also pin against a meeting from your mobile app!

You can change an existing moment into another one by clicking on the icon and selecting the type of moment you want. 


  • Press # and space to create a header, like this. Headers help break up your notes into digestible sections.

Free notes

You can also simply type into the notepad to jot down down something important, a thought or anything that you fancy! 

Deleting notes

To delete a note, simply click backspace!
Click on the dotted line at the end of the specific note and click on delete! 

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