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How to Use Notes
Mark important points during your meeting
Mark important points during your meeting
How to add your meeting agenda, create action points and pin important points against your conversation
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There are 4 types of moments you can create in Notiv. You can play the audio and listen to the context around these notes at any time and from any note!

When taking a note, you can classify it as an Action, Highlight, Pin or a Question. Simply type / to create a moment. 

  • Click on a moment to edit the note, or view the transcript at that point. 

  • Click on the time signature on the note to play the audio at that moment. 

Voice Triggers 

We've built voice commands and triggers into Notiv!

This means that you can incorporate a specific word or phrase into your conversation to let Notiv know if you want a specific moment, mention or insight captured. 

"Hey Notiv"

  • Notiv will place a pin at that point in the conversation, marking it as an important moment. 

"Pin this"

  • Notiv will analyse the conversation at that point, add it to the executive summary and highlight important decisions, follow-up items or action points. 

"Action item for [person] to [action]"

  • Notiv will create a task for the specific person and highlight it in the executive summary. 

Free notes

You can also simply type into the notepad to jot down down something important, a thought or anything that you fancy! 

Deleting notes

To delete a note, simply click backspace!
Click on the hotdog menu (the 3 dots) at the end of the specific note and click on delete! 

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