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How do I get the most out of my meetings

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When you start a call, import a recording or have Notiv join a calendar event, your conversation will appear in your 'meetings' tab! 

While you're in the ongoing meeting, you'll see that record reflected as 'live' in Notiv!

At the top of your meeting, you will be able to click on the play button to listen to the recording, even if we haven't finished processing it! 

You can also control the speed at which you want to review the audio by setting a playback speed. This can be controlled by the grey square next to the time signature of your meeting!

Next to that, you'll be able to see who attended this meeting, although this is not indicative of who has access to the meeting recording, notes or transcript.

Once your meeting has been processed, you'll see the speaker separation at the top of your screen. Notiv will identify up to 3 main speakers and if there are any more, they will be combined into a 4th grey bar. 

You'll be able to view the automatic summary Notiv has created on the left and your transcript on the right. That way, you can review your audio, notes and full transcript in sync so you've always got the context you need. 

The folder button at the top left allows you to file your meeting with a 'Tag' for easy access and quick review. You may add multiple tags to your meeting. 

Share your meeting with your team members by clicking on the share button! Click here to find out more about adding members to your team. You can also give read-only access to non-team members by creating a shareable link to your meeting.

You can also export your audio or full meeting data to your CRM by clicking on the hotdog menu at the top right hand corner of your screen!

That's all there is to Notiv. The meeting assistant of the future. 

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