There are a few ways to add Notiv to your upcoming meeting. 

When you sign up for Notiv, we ask you to connect your calendar. This is so that we can load your calendar events automatically. Once we've loaded your events, you can navigate to your upcoming list and toggle Notiv on for specific online meetings or use the mobile app to capture in-person conversations. 

With this feature turned on, Notiv will join any calendar event with a conferencing link automatically so you don't need to toggle it on. 

Notiv Mobile App
Capture in-person meetings or conversations via the Notiv mobile app, although we suggest using a paired speakerphone for larger in-person meetings to ensure sufficient audio capturing quality. 

[email protected]
A third way to add Notiv to your meetings is to invite [email protected] to your calendar invites. You can do this when you create the meeting or when you've been sent a meeting invite. 

Telephone calls
To capture your telephone calls with Notiv, all you'll need to do is make the call through the Notiv website. Plus, it's free! 

Make sure you give Notiv some time to join your meeting. We recommend adding Notiv to a meeting at least 10 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start. 

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