Meetings that are on your calendar but don't have a link will appear greyed out on the website. Notiv can join those meetings and other in-person conversations via the free Notiv app!

If you take tons of 'coffee meetings', you should download the Notiv app today! Available for iOS and Android!  

Once you start a meeting via the app, you can view the meeting online, take notes in real time or pin important points from your phone!

When you're done, the app will automatically upload the recording to the server and transcribe it, leaving you free to go about the rest of your day. 

Use the app to capture long conversations or short debrief sessions! If your meeting/recording is under 3 minutes, you get those notes in your email, saving you the extra step of having to log into Notiv.

Otherwise, you can always review your notes and transcript in the app! 

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