If you already have audio or video recordings, you can import them through Notiv's "Import Recording" feature.

1. Open the New Meeting menu

You can open the "Menu Meeting" menu by clicking the (+) icon in the Notiv navbar.

2. Select "Import Recording" and select a file to Import.

You can click on the "File" panel to choose a file or drag and drop a file onto the "File" Panel and the file will start uploading.

3. Set a meeting title and import the meeting

Notiv will default the meeting title based on the name of the file, which you can change if you like. Once the File has finished uploading you can click "Import Meeting" to start the transcription process.

4. Wait for the Meeting Ready email.

Notiv will now process you imported recording and send you an email once the Meeting is ready.

4. Add Notes and Actions

While Notiv is processing it will automatically pull out suggested Notes, Actions and Decisions. However while it is processing, you can still playback your imported file and add any manual notes as required.

5. Share your Meeting

Whether you added notes yourself or utilised Notiv's meeting AI to suggest notes for you, you can now share your minutes, notes or transcript with your clients and team members.

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