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Introducing moments
A meeting is made up of small moments that matter to either you or your team. Notiv will help you extract those moments so that you never miss the insights that matter to you. 

With this first release, every moment created during and after your meeting will have a transcript attached, giving you an easy way to review, revisit and share. We've given you a few different ways to create these moments.

  • Quick add moments that matter
    One click to mark important points during your meeting. Try it out by starting a new meeting and hovering over the "+" button in the bottom left corner. When you create a moment, Notiv will automatically add the transcript from that moment into your notepad.

  • Differentiate moments that matter while typing
    Action item, decision or follow-up point. We've made it easy for you to create different moments in your notepad. Start a new line with / and select a moment type from the drop down list. 

Mobile pins
During an ongoing meeting, hit the pin icon on your mobile device to save that moment. Like every other type of moment, pins will include the transcript of that point in your meeting.


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing old meetings from being loaded when scrolling on a Windows machine.

  • Add notes against a meeting while the audio is being processed and transcript is being generated.

  • Improved the playback quality in certain browsers with an issue that was preventing them from jumping to parts of the audio recording.

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