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I can't sign into Notes with my Office account
I can't sign into Notes with my Office account

Admin help for navigating Office 365 Application Permissions

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When you sign-up for Notes, we require permissions from Office 365 to sync your calendar, authenticate that it's you and work cohesively with your workflow. 

If you're having trouble signing up or logging in with Office 365, there could be several reasons. 

  1. Your organisation does not allow software to access their information without prior approval.
    - To solve this issue, you'll need to get permission from your organisation admin. 

  2. You don't have Integrated Apps enabled on the Office 365 platform.
    - You will need an admin account to enable Integrated Apps in Office 365. Once enabled, you will need to sign-in again and approve the necessary permissions to use Notes.

    Log on to and navigate to Admin Center.
    Under the Settings panel, click on Services & add-ins
    Click on Integrated Apps and select to turn it on.
    Make sure you save your changes! 

Once you've signed into Notes, you can download our mobile app, available for iOS and Android, to take meetings, review past conversations and to view upcoming appointments! 

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