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How to remove Notes from your future meetings
How to remove Notes from your future meetings
Disconnecting your calendar, removing Notes from synced upcoming events and ensuring Notes is not turned on in a team member's account.
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If you've tried Notes and decided that it isn't for you, there are some ways you can remove it from your upcoming events. 

  1. Turn off auto-join.
    When you sign up for Notes, we ask if you want to have auto-join turned on. This feature allows Notes to join upcoming events on your calendar with a valid video conferencing link. It's particularly useful for users who are too busy to turn Notes on for individual events. 

  2. Remove your calendar access.
    Under the settings tab, you can find your calendar access settings. Removing your calendar means that Notes will no longer be able to sync and join meetings in advance. You can still use Notes in your meetings via [email protected], the import function or the mobile application, but the convenience of having Notes seamlessly join a call will not be available. 

  3. Turn Notes off for synced upcoming events.
    While you might have turned off auto-join and removed your calendar, Notes may still join some of your meetings if they have already been synced. To remove Notes from these meetings, navigate to your upcoming list and toggle Notes off for those events. 

  4. Check your team members' accounts.
    If you've done steps 1 through 3 but find that Notes is on one of your meetings, check that your team members or attendees of that meeting don't have their Notes turned on for the meeting. As always, Notes puts your privacy first and if you're uncomfortable with capturing your conversation, you can remove Notes as an attendee at any time! 

If you're still having issues or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at [email protected]

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