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What is Notes by Dubber?
An Example Meeting with Notes
An Example Meeting with Notes
This is what your meeting with Dubber Notes would look like.
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Everyone has their own unique workflow, style and review process, but luckily, Notes was designed to work your way. 


1. Schedule a new meeting and invite Notes

2. Notes helps you agree on your goals before the meeting starts

3. Notes reminds you to catch up on previous meetings


4. When your meeting starts, Notes is there on time

5. Notes captures your conversation and picks up on important moments

6. Your meeting ends and Notes sends it off to be automatically processed

Review and Align

7. Notes will alert you when your meeting is ready to be reviewed

8. Review your transcript and automatic highlights to create an executive summary that you can then share

9. Every morning, Notes will send you a daily digest of everything you need to know from your meetings yesterday and prompts you to prepare for your upcoming meetings

Repeat steps 1-8 as needed! 

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