Meeting Prep Made Easy 

  • We recommend connecting your calendar (Gmail or Office 365) to Notes for online meetings. This will allow you to add Notes to upcoming meetings or you can add [email protected] to the attendee list of specific meetings. 

  • For in-person meetings, we've got you covered with the Notes Mobile App, available for iOS and Android

  • Make a telephone call through Notes to capture your important phone calls. 

Put Down Your Pen

  • Notes will start taking notes as soon as your meeting starts. 

  • Important moments like action items and decisions will be highlighted against our industry-leading transcription and speaker identification.

  • You can also trigger notes with our Notes Voice Commands

Clear meeting outcomes

  • Within an hour of your meeting, Notes will send you an email with your highlights and a link to review the full meeting. 

  • You can always go back to Notes to review the transcript, create and edit highlights, or fine-tune your executive summary.

  • Share an editable or view-only version of your meeting, or export it to your CRM. 

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