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November Update:Review faster, more 'you' time
November Update:Review faster, more 'you' time

Feature requests, playback speeds and smarter highlights

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The Notiv team and I have been pushing hard with some new features and have managed to get together a tremendous November release for you!

Request a feature

Your feedback is very important to us. So you can now submit feature requests directly from Notiv. View and comment on popular requests from other users, plus stay informed about features we are currently working on. Click on your name in the sidebar and select 'Request a Feature'.

Even smarter highlights

We know it's important to get your notes and follow-ups out from your meetings as quickly as possible so our latest release includes a cleaner summary view. With some souped up analytics, Notiv is even better at taking notes for you.

Review at your pace

We've added audio speed playback capabilities to help you review your meetings even faster than ever before. Zoom through the audio of your meeting and recap in up to 1.5x the speed. 

Get on board faster in the Notiv App

We've fixed and improved the mobile log-in process, including auto-fill of the login code. That's one more task Notiv will do for you. If you don't have the mobile app yet, it's free and available for iOS and Android.

We've also fixed

Multiple Notiv - Under certain circumstances, Notiv would join your meeting more than once. This is now fixed and Notiv will always join on time and only once.

Hand-off faster - Exporting your meeting is easier, helping you to share your meetings, action items, and follow-ups faster. I also wanted to let you know that you can choose how you want to share your meeting

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