Adding names to Speakers
Use speaker names to make it easy to know who is who as you review your transcripts
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Once Notiv is finished processing your meeting you will receive an email which links back to the meeting in the Notiv website or mobile app.

Notiv shows the transcript, AI talking points and Speakers in the right hand pane

You can see that in the right hand Transcript panel that Notiv has automatic "Talking Point" detection and then further broken up the transcript by speaker. You can click on the "Speaker 1" name to change it to the name of who was speaking at that point. This will be applied across the whole meeting, e.g. Changing "Speaker 1" to Jessica Jones will change all times that "Speaker 1" spoke to Jessica Jones.

Easily apply speaker names to your transcript in Notiv

When you click Speaker 1, Speaker 2 etc, the Speaker Menu will appear. On that menu you can then type in the name of the Speaker or choose the speaker from the list of attendees or your extended team.

When you select your team members Notiv is actually building "Voice Profiles" for those speakers. Once Notiv builds up enough confidence, it will know who they are and apply the names for you.

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