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Adding notes and actions from Transcripts
Adding notes and actions from Transcripts
In 3 easy steps, highlight, select, and capture all the key details from your transcript into your meeting notes.
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After your meeting has finished, capture key details of your transcript from the Notiv website. You decide what components get captured, and how.

Step 1: Highlight.

From your transcript, highlight the section of the text that you would like to add as either a Note, Decision, or Action.

Step 2: Select.

Hover your mouse over the section which you would like to capture. Classify your text as either Notes, Actions, or Decisions.

Step 3: Capture.

From the transcript section, your text will appear in your nominated category. Revisit your transcript at any time to listen and review what was said during your meeting.

All your important details can now be captured at the click of a button. Success 🥳

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