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Re/Uploading Mobile recordings
Re/Uploading Mobile recordings
How can I re-upload a mobile recording which didn't upload properly
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Not every meeting is online, so the Notiv mobile app allows you to record in the go. (Although you could also use it to record a meeting by sitting it next to your laptop speaker.)

Sometimes wifi or cellular network issues prevent your important recording from uploading fully to the Notiv servers. It's easy to find and re-upload those recordings, using the instructions which follow.

Step 1 - Find the failed upload

If a meeting recording has failed to upload, you will be able to see this in the meeting list. It will show as "Failed" or "Uploading 0%". Click to open this meeting.

Step 2 - Re-try the upload

After opening the meeting click the retry option at the bottom of the screen and confirm that the message changes to Uploading with a displayed %. Wait until the % goes up to 100%.

Step 3 - Confirm the Meeting is processing

Once the upload is complete, the processing of the recording will start. This will be shown at the bottom of the screen also.

You can double confirm that it is processing by going back to the meeting in the meeting list.

Step 4 - Wait for the "Meeting Ready" email.

Once the meeting is finished processing Notiv will email you to let you know the meeting is ready for your review.

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