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Logging in securely via email
Logging in securely via email
Notiv doesn't store passwords, and uses your email account to log you in.
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Notiv takes privacy and security very seriously. We have some of the most experienced security leaders and developers in the world in our team. (Previously managing security bugs for top US banks and government departments).

Not storing Passwords

The number of companies who get breached each year is growing, with bad actors gaining access to steal users emails, passwords and other sensitive information.

Instead of storing passwords Notiv encourages our users to connect a Google or Office email to their account and use that to login. Then it's just a single click to login. This allows Notiv to avoid the need to securely store passwords as we know that the amazing security teams at Google and Microsoft (Office) do a great job.

Remembering you after Login

Additionally, after you login without your email, you shouldn't have to login again for at least a few months. If you are being asked to login more frequently than every few weeks please let us know. There may be some corporate IT settings which are causing that and we'd love to understand what that is.

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