The Notiv ™ Notetaker is a meeting assistant that will join your Zoom calls and capture notes for you during the call so that you can focus on the conversation.

You can invite the Notetaker to you calls by connecting your calendar to your Notiv account or by adding [email protected] to any events in your calendar.

The Notiv ™ Notetaker is invited by either the meeting owner or by one of the participants of the meeting, this is indicated in the Participant list as shown above. The Notetaker will be capturing the meeting in Notiv accordance to the Notiv Terms and Conditions.

If you would like to remove the Notiv ™ Notetaker from a call you can either:

  • As the Zoom host remove the Note ™ Notetaker from the Zoom call

  • As the meeting owner you can stop the recording on the meeting page on

Next you can learn about how to have the Notiv ™ Notetaker join new meetings that get added to your calendar automatically with auto-join.

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