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Using Notes to record Google Meet meetings
Using Notes to record Google Meet meetings

Notes can dial into and capture your Google Meet meeting like another attendee, here's how to set it up

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You might already know how to record a meeting from your mobile phone or record a telephone call, but Notes also integrates with a variety of video conferencing tools including Google Meet. Once set it up, Notes can automatically dial in to your Meet meeting just like another attendee, and it's easy.

Step 1 - Add the Meeting to your Calendar.

Ensure your meeting is in your calendar and has a Meet invite or link somewhere in the Title, Location or Description field somewhere. This allows Notes to know how to join the Google Meet meeting with you.

Note: For Google Meet Notes requires dial in details in order to join.

Step 2 - Turn Notes on for your Meeting

Ensure that you have toggled Notes on for this meeting. If you have auto join rules setup then it will already be turned on, otherwise you can toggle Notes on especially for this meeting.

Step 3 - Wait for the meeting to start

Now that Notes is turned on, wait patiently until the meeting starts. On the morning of the meeting, Notes will show you that meeting in your Daily Digest email under the upcoming meetings section.

Step 4 - Watch Notes join your meeting

Right on time, Notes will promptly join the Google Meet meeting as dial in participant. So prompt in fact Notes is often the first one online ready to go. Once your meeting ends Notes will process the recording as usual and when it ready you will receive your "Meeting Ready" email 😄

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