Product Hunt

It was a bright and sunny day on July 2nd 2021 when Notiv launched with a crackle and a pop on Product Hunt.

#1 Product of the Day. Yep, that’s us.

For those who don’t know Product Hunt, it’s a mecca to find the best new products in tech. Apps, websites, tech creations and more, from around the world, launch here in the hopes of becoming #1 and we did it

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New Month, New Me

At Notiv, we don’t rest on our laurels, we’re constantly innovating and updating to make the Notiv experience the best for our customers. You’ve probably already noticed our little nip ‘n’ tuck, but let me show you how good we look now!

Meeting Page

The new Meeting Page gives you insight upon insight, interest and analytics, all packaged up neatly...what's not to love?!

Our first update is none other than the gorgeous, the talented, the dreamy… Topics


But wait, there’s more… Our brand new Meeting Header including but not limited to attendees, meeting actions and oh so much more!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the latest update from the team! We’ll be back next month for even more updates and fresh looks from Notiv


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