Just signed up for Notiv? That's awesome!
The next step is taking your first meeting with Notiv!

There are 3 ways to add Notiv to your meeting.


Let's take a look at your calendar events. If you know which meeting you want Notiv to join, first check that it has an online meeting link either in the description or the location field of the event. Here's an example!

Zoom, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, etc are all valid video conferencing links that Pinch will recognize!

If your upcoming meeting already has a link, you'll be able to add Notiv to that meeting from www.notiv.com

Log into your Notiv account, click on "Upcoming" in the sidebar and choose which of the displayed meetings to add Pinch to. But be sure to let Notiv know at least 10 minutes in advance because once the meeting starts, Notiv will only be able to join if you use the app, available for iOS and Android!

Meetings that are on your calendar but don't have a link will appear in your upcoming meetings, but they'll be greyed out. But never fear, there's the Notiv app!


If you take tons of 'coffee meetings', you should download the Notiv app today! Available for iOS and Android!  

When you're done, the app will automatically upload the recording to the server and transcribe it, leaving you free to go about the rest of your day.

If your meeting/recording is under 3 minutes, you get those notes in your email, saving you the extra step of having to log into Notiv.


If you're making a phone call and want it recorded and transcribed, call via www.notiv.com!

Click on the phone call button, put in the number you want to call and presto!

Notiv will call you first, then connect you to the other person! And its all free! Just make sure you've put in the right country code.

You can even take notes in Notiv during the call!

Is it magic? Nah, just clever. 

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