There are 3 types of notes you can take in Notiv.

Add an agenda
Create your meeting agenda in Notiv with #headings!
To create a heading, type "#" followed by a space and start typing! This type of note is also useful when signalling a conversation topic change!

Action items and follow-up points
To create a checklist, action item or follow-up point, type "[]" followed by a space! If you then hit enter, the next line will also become a checklist!

When you make a decision in your meeting, make sure it doesn't get lost by creating an action item or follow-up checklist! You could even use this type of note e to ensure that you keep track of important discussion points!

Pin important points
If you're conducting interviews or simply don't have time to be taking notes during your conversation, pin important points with a click of the button!
All you need to do is click on the green button at the bottom!

To delete a note, simply click backspace!

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